opportunities don’t knock your door always.

Opportunities don’t knock your door always.

Sometimes you need to move out of your comfort zone to grab them.

      Most of us think we can’t do anything unless we are giving some opportunity or idea or some source. And it’s quite obvious to think that way. We need continuous motivation and encouragement. We tend to limit ourselves, waiting for the opportunity to come at our doorstep and knock. And in this process of waiting, we end of wasting the precious time we have. Opportunities are never given, we need to grab them and use them in a way to attain maximum benefit.

Searching and exploring opportunities.

       We have many options around. It’s just we need to have vision to identify them. We need to explore, do some research, get to know various options which can benefit us.  There is so much of ground work to do. And this ground work becomes foundation of your success. And without foundation no mansion can stand tall for years. Even if you earn “easy money”, without putting in much efforts and dedication, in no time that would be gone.

      And exploring and trying new things is always better than regretting later. It’s difficult in the difficult. You may not get ideas. There would be those times too when you will go blank. And again you might have to start from the beginning. For that you need to strong and optimistic. You need to have enthusiasm and zeal to grasp new concepts.

Choosing for the best opportunity.

      When we do research, we come across various options. Opting for best among them is another challenge. Let’s discuss steps which you can follow.

·        List down the various options.

         First you need to list down all the options which you think can improve your skills.

·        Evaluate each option.

You can’t just choose one among them. You need to do thorough analysis. Check for pros and cons, benefits and drawbacks.

·        Opt for the BEST.

After evaluating to the core. Understansding the future prospects. Choose the best one.

Why learning is important?



Learning is an enduring process. It’s a process of acquiring new skills and knowledge.


It’s important to improve your knowledge and update your skills. So never stop learning.

when you start learning, you can find ways to earn.

Don’t give up

Think before giving up, do some retrospection

Why are you doing all this?

What was your motive in the beginning?

What is the kind of lifestyle you wish to live in future?

And after getting all these answer, if still you want to give up, then it means you are giving up on yourself. And that’s the worst thing you can do to yourself. We are humans, we get tired, we need motivation and push. Just look in the mirror, that’s your motivation. Think where you wish to see yourself in future years.

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STEP OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE. (Opportunities don’t knock your door always)

Your comfort zone is something which can only give you comfort but not fulfill your dreams. You need leave that comfortable couch and move further. You can’t stay there forever. Shift your focus to grow, achieve, upgrade your skills, acquire knowledge and many more. And to do all this, you can’t stay at a place. Staying at a place, you can only dream about that international trip which you wish to go. Your dream mansion which you wish to built. That Lamborghini which you wish to drive. So

Start today,

Work on yourself,

Work for yourself,

Be productive than ever.

Don’t get disheartened by failures, cause you learn from them.

Motivate yourself,

Instead of saying, “I don’t know”, start learning. You are never late to acquire knowledge.

And always remember,

Opportunities don’t knock your door always,

Sometimes you need to move out of your comfort zone to grab them.

Lastly, I just want to say,

All the best! You can do it.

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